Why Premier Homes

At Premier Homes, we’re committed to providing intelligent design, superior construction, and exceptional value in your custom new home.

Each Premier Home is designed and engineered with you, the homeowner, in mind.  We design our homes with high quality materials, modern amenities, and standards for which most builders charge extra.  We believe in the relationship between a builder and a homeowner, and in building high quality homes that will exceed your expectations.  We use only the latest technology and we maintain strong relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.  This enables us to get you and your family into your dream home faster, easier, and more affordably than you may have thought possible.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.  We will be honored to bring you home.

In today’s economy, many home builders have been forced to cut costs by using, less expensive building options and materials in order to remain price competitive.  Unlike these builders, Premier Homes utilizes advanced technology to drastically cut labor costs and virtually eliminate waste, while still using only the highest quality materials and workmanship.  We utilize industry leading, 3-dimensional computer design software to make sure every piece of wood that goes into your home fits precisely. Long before the lumber is ever delivered to the job site, each piece of lumber is cut in our indoor facilities using computer-guided equipment and sub-assembled with the help of our laser guided template system. This decreases production time and virtually eliminates errors. The accuracy of our computer guided saws are dramatically better than even the most experienced framer working outside in unfavorable weather conditions using standard tools and equipment. Once each component of your new home has been professionally engineered and fabricated, the entire package is delivered to the job site. Framers simply erect the house using the computer generated layout drawings delivered with each package. This drastically cuts down framing time, framing costs, errors in the field, wasted materials, and clean up costs.

With all of these factors working together, Premier Homes is uniquely positioned to offer you unequaled value for your investment.  The Premier Homes advantage allows us to continue to offer you the best price possible for the most soundly built homes in the region.

Here are just a few of the features built into your new home that makes Premier Homes your obvious choice.  Please click on any of the features below to learn more about them.

Let us make the home of your dreams a reality today!

For more information please visit our sister company Classic Truss at  www.classictruss.com

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At Premier Homes, we’re committed to providing intelligent design, superior construction, and exceptional value in your new home.